Product Details

E-Learning and Exam engine system

client: SmartTech
date: 15 oct 2014

This system is designed as presentations processor designed using "Microsoft PowerPoint" presentations into an interactive Web site to the possibility of easily displayed on all devices and browsers and smart phones and tablet computers.

The system is also designed to facilitate the examination process with the ability to determine the levels of the difficulty and to identify areas of examinations with different proportions to determine the minimum rate of success or failure and display the final results.

Also it working on building questions bank to allow the user to design exam with the possibility of determining the properties of the exam or issue a random test quizzed difficult to track shall be the test for individuals in different each time while maintaining the difficult questions ratios and diversity.

General Features
  • The registration Module: this is the module that works on helping users to register themselves as instructors \ student \ examinees to the system.
  • Knowledge areas manager: this module allow the system administrator to specify various educational domains that will underlie the system
  • Educational Tracks Manager: that is to allow a teacher selects educational tracks to be provided for learners and determine the value of the physical and link them to one or more educational and processor tests.
  • Presentation Processor Module: that is to allow the instructors to upload educational presentations "PPT" files or "PPTX" or various video or audio files and determine if it is
  • Questions Bank Module: that is to allow the instructor to add questions to the system and link them to a specific domain of education with ability to determine the difficulty of the extent of each question and answers available and any of the answers is correct and what is incorrect. With the possibility of adding multiple correct answers varying accuracy is different. And the instructor can also upload a large number of questions by excel files
  • Exam Engine Module: this module allow the users to design various exam settings, to allow the engine to randomly generate questions with various difficulty based on the settings.
  • Exam Viewer: that is the module responsible to allow the examinee to take the exam, navigate through the exam questions, with ability to mark question for review, and finally display the result.
  • Content Management – CMS: this module allow the system administrators to define various contents such as files, pages and customize the whole system menu, UI, etc…